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    Gary Jay

    When I click on Customize and I click on Theme Options, the option is color of box that slides in. Where is the box that slides in? How do I edit the box that slides in? How to I edit or change the image that is shown on pages that aren’t the front page? I want to separate blog posts in categories. Category:Topic, Category:Topic 2, and if i use as menu items the front page has ALL the blog posts, but each category shows just one topic. Okay, great. EXCEPT: I don’t want the page that then shows up called CATEGORY: TOPIC1, I want to just say TOPIC 1. And is there a way to make each of those pages, the ones that open when you click on the menu item (that is the category) have a sidebar? Seems that everything either has to have a sidebar (including the home page) or all can’t have a side bar. I’d like the blog to be three column on the front page no sidebar, and the menu items go to topics (that have been identified as categories) and those pages have a side bar. IS this doable in either free or premium without a degree in WP development or coding? And, most importantly, if I’m using the free template – and I assume that’s what I”m doing and not attempting to edit a demo version as it is the one I found on WP – is it a child theme?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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