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    Dennis Worthem

    I found at least 2 issues with the Wise Chat plugin using this theme.
    1. when clicking on the Attach Image or Attach File buttons nothing happens
    2. When shrinking the screen down to a narrow width (below 330 px) or being on a smart phone. The buttons next to the message input text box do not get automatically relayedout to a line below the message input textox put make the latter extremely narrow.

    These work correctly on other standard WordPress themes like twentytwenty, twentynineteen, etc.

    I suspect the css has settings that are affecting this. Do you have any idea where?



    That is happening on frontend or backend ??

    Dennis Worthem

    The symptoms that I am reporting occur on the web page itself that hosts the Wise Chat plugin.

    The plug in has buttons to attach and image or file to a message in the chat plugin. If you click either button the file open dialog does not display. Secondly if you take the browser and resize to a width below 330 px, the chat plugin cannot automatically relayout its widgets.



    do you have a live url of the site?


    goto bizberg/assets/js/custom.js remove this lines

    Hope this helps

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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