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    Ernesto Mart

    Designing my site with the Hotelica Lite theme I found that the “Rooms” section has a problem, that can only be solved from the developer side I think. You see, when you click on one of the rooms the Read More buutton that opens a kind of gallery with text, it doesn’t have a “close” button, an X or something. On desktop that’s not a big deal, you can just click outside the frame and it just closes, but on mobile that’s a huge deal, there is NO WAY to close the frame, you can tap outisde of it because it takes the whole screen so you are basically stuck in there, the “back” button on the phone doesn’t help either. So I guess the only one who can solve this is the developer, or if there is any kind of fix I can do myself, I would love to hear about it. Best regards, Ernesto.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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