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Installation and Updates

  1. The PRO Version allows you to import all premium pages, settings, and blocks. Once you have purchased the Bizberg PRO you can find the license key here
  2. Click on View Licenses and click on the key icon, you can see the license key there.
  3. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme license and paste your license under License Key and click on Activate License
  4. Congratulation!!! You have activated the PRO Version.
  • Sometimes you might not able to install Bizberg theme via the WordPress dashboard. In such a case, try installing the theme via FTP.
  • Below are the detailed steps –

  1. Download Bizberg theme zip from WordPress repository
  2. Unzip the Bizberg theme zip file
  3. Open your WordPress site via FTP. We would recommend you to use FileZilla
  4. From FTP, visit the root of the WordPress install
  5. Now visit wp-content folder > themes
  6. Upload Bizberg unzipped file from step 2
  7. Now the Bizberg is installed on your site. Go to WordPress Dashboard and activate it from Appearance > Themes
  • Bizberg is a free WordPress theme. Therefore, it can installed and used like any other.
  • To install it on your site kindly follow the steps-
  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New
  3. Search for – Bizberg
  4. Install Bizberg
  5. Activate it
  1. After you have installed the theme, you will have to install the recommended plugins. Without it the site will not work properly.
  2. After installing and activating the theme, you will see a notice like this.
  3. Click on Begin Installing Plugin and select all plugins and click on the apply button.
  4. After completing the installation you will be redirected to another page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Return to Required Plugins Installer
  5. Select all plugins and select activate from the dropdown and click on the apply button.
  6. All Done !!!


Bizberg Sites

  • Before importing demo site make sure you have activated Bizberg theme and activate all recommended plugins.
  1. From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data and select a website you wish to import.
  2. It will open a confirmation message. Click on Yes, import
  3. Wait for sometime, the demo data will take some time to import.
  4. On successful import, it will show the success message.
  5. Congratulation!!! You have successfully imported the demo sites.
  • In the free version, you have 10 demo homepages including restaurant, education, business/corporate and medical to import.
  • In the PRO Version, you will have all the free sites + 4 extra homepages and 6 inner pages.
  • Demos –

  1. Simple Homepage
  2. Homepage 1
  3. Homepage 2
  4. Homepage 3
  5. Transparent Header
  6. Gradient Slider - Demo 1 - Demo 2 - Demo 3
  7. Theme Color - Red - Blue - Yellow - Green - Black
  1. Free
  2. PRO
  1. Free
  2. PRO
  1. Free
  2. PRO
Inner Pages
  1. About Us
  2. About Us - Layout 2
  3. Our Team
  4. Our Services
  5. Pricing Plans
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
Blog Pages
  1. Detail Page
  2. Right Sidebar
  3. Left Sidebar
  4. Two Columns
  5. Three Columns


Free Version Options


Pro Version Options


Gutenberg Blocks

15 thoughts on “Bizberg Documentation

  1. Hi. I thought I downloaded the free site. I can’t tell if I’m actually editing a demo site. I can’t find how to change my home page with the word “ARCHIVE” at the top. (I did figure out how to change the image underneath that was a laptop). I can’t figure out where the SLIDER is (as it doesn’t appear in Slider or Category. And is the SLIDER supposed to do something? It’s showing blog posts, truncated, but clicking on them do nothing. Any help at this point is appreciated, otherwise I’ll just move onto a different theme and give up on this one.

    1. 1. Goto Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Blog Homepage

      2. On the Banner / Slider choose Slider

      3. Choose the slider category under Select Slider Category (Note: The categories will be taken from post category )

  2. The category choices … one is the blog. But images didn’t come over when I copied them to the new blog. So I’m getting just words no images. However, I did just find the slider tutorial and created a test slider. It doesn’t show up as a choice however, It is not a page, just a category as far as I can tell. Don’t want it as a page that is on the site. Just slider. Am I close? And, is the slider that is currently showing up clickable? Or any slider in the home page banner clickable? If not, then I guess banner is the route to go.

  3. And why can’t I get rid of the kid with his hands in the water and the words for the test demo? I can add my image to the slider. Now I have the kid and my image, and the first image is the kid with Fundraising etc. How do I get rid of it? I created two new sliders, one called test slider, one called slider two. Thought I followed the instructions. Now I have two sliders on the post page, each with the test images, plus the first slider with the kid and the fundraising copy. Tedious.

    1. Goto Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste the below code there and click on publish. It will hide the texts.

      .homepage_banner h1.banner_title, .homepage_banner p.banner_subtitle {
      visibility: hidden;

    1. Hi,

      Goto Appearance > Customize > Additional Css and paste this code there

      .bizberg_detail_cat {
      display: none;

      and click on the publish button. It will hide the category from detail page.

      Thank You

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